Fundraising is a very important part in running a healthy, financially stable club. Springers is a non-profit organization and relies heavily on the fundraising efforts of its members. All members of our club take part in fundraising efforts. Monies collected are allocated towards the purchase and repair of gym equipment and the building. ALL participants will be required to purchase chocolate bars and the majorityof program participants are required to buy the raffle tickets (except Daytime, Parents & Me, and Pre-schoolers).In addition to the mandatory fundraisers, ‘optional’ fundraising is offered throughout the year to those in the Competitive program (Provincial 1-5, National, and T&T). Monies raised through these fundraisers are able to be applied directly to your child’s individual travel fund to cover costs like airfare, hotel, vehicle rental or other competitive costs like required bodysuits or entry fees to competitions. If this money is not used in one year it can be carried over to the next year. If the gymnast leaves the club, the money they raised goes into the general travel fund. Parents can make a request to use these funds as the need arises, simply by filling out a request form through the office. After a form is completed the funds will be withdrawn from your child’s account and transferred to pay for required costs.

Below is a snapshot of the fundraisers being offered throughout the 2011-2012 year.

*Sobeys Gift Certificates available all year


Optional fundraiser for the competitive group: Alantra Donelli and San Vito Coffee. Please check your email for information. Order forms available at office. Order forms and cheques due Wed. Dec.7/11 by 9pm. Delivery date is: Tues. Dec.13/11 at 7:30 at Springers Anyone else interested in taking part in the ‘optional’ fundraisers are more than welcome to and we would greatly appreciate your participation. Funds raised will go directly to the club. For further info on all fundraising please contact the office at (204)-832-1954.